Why Network Marketing?

I found the incredible world of network marketing in 2013 and wow, it blew my mind. Finding a way to earn an income, with minimal layout was not something I thought I knew anything about …. except …. I was an ‘Avon’ lady when I went to college ….. my mum had tupperware parties all the time when I was a kid …. and I even dabbled with scented candles many years before! I knew how to do this!

Or did I? Things were very different now there was social media … I was told it was even EASIER to sell stuff, just – ‘do what I do’.

This involved a lot of copy and pasting messages, only making ‘connections’ if they were a ‘sure thing’ and only getting support from others if I was bringing in the moula.

It just wasn’t me. Was it? What other companies are out there? Do they work differently?

I did my research. I looked around. Online home working or ‘side hustles’ were absolutely booming (and still are!) and there were all sorts of ways to earn an extra income legitimately through this industry. My mind whirred with the possibilities. I was excited, but sensible. I weighed up the pro’s and cons of what I wanted, why and how I could deliver it.

And I failed. A few times. I made mistakes, I lost friends. I was duped, manipulated, my kind and positive nature taken advantage of. And you know what? These were the hardest, but most precious lessons I could ever learn. The world didn’t end if people disagreed with you. You learn about ethical practices by seeing unethical ones first hand, let me assure you lol. But you can still be business ‘savvy’ and keep your natural personality traits and morals fully in tact. If you choose to ‘go against the grain’, this doesn’t make you any less of a professional as those who follow traditional routes.

I decided it was time to take my ‘little’ business seriously. I’d learned my lessons (and continue to do so) and pride myself and those I teach on doing things in the right way.

So in 2015, on maternity leave with my third child, I wrote my resignation letter and left the corporate world I’d known for so long, never to return.

It was liberating, scary, exciting, nerve wracking …. all sorts of emotions ran through my head for weeks! It hasn’t been an easy ride – working from home is more like being on a constant roller coaster ride – blindfolded! But I have never considered going back. Due to determination, hard work and continuous work on my confidence and self belief, I am now doing the things I never thought I could – public speaking, hosting events AND things I hadn’t even thought of starting – radio, blogging, community groups.

I feel lucky, but I know that ‘luck’ has nothing to do with it …..

Love and light

P x

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