Ever had an itch you can’t quite reach?

I have and wow, it’s frustrating!

For me, it was the travel itch. I first felt it, like really felt it, in the year 2000. For my 21st I went to New York with a couple of friends. I was blown away. Times Square, Central Park, Trump Tower, Flat Iron, Empire State and of course the Twin towers were there at that time ….. 5th Avenue, the Bronx, Harlem, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island …. the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Ellis Island. I saw it all. I HAD to see it all – that was all part of my itchy condition lol!

It was amazing. And that itch was subdued … for a short while anyway. Then I saw an advert in my home city of Manchester, UK for ‘camp counsellors’ to stay in summer camps all over the United States. And there it was again! That itch I couldn’t reach, driving me crazy, making me squirm, making me think – could I? 3 months away from all I know, new friends, activities, culture?

Turns out I couldn’t. You see, my brain malfunctioned … the chemicals and synapses in the old grey matter decided they would trick me into thinking I wasn’t good enough to do it. No-one would like me. I was introverted. Nobody likes introverted people, they only like those that are the ‘life and soul’ of the party, which I most definitely wasn’t. My internal dialogue continued to tell me everyone would hate me. I was slightly overweight, so the little demon banshee in my head told me I would be laughed at if I tried to do the activities with the kids. Even the kids wouldn’t like me. She was very good.That demon banshee. At putting me down. Giving me fears and feeding my self doubts. She managed to do that for quite some time. And I let her … until I learned how to switch her off.

At times throughout my life she has screamed to be brought back to life. The screaming demon banshee that tricks my mind into feeling depressed, anxious, overwhelmed.

As you may guess, I didn’t ever become a camp counsellor. But that itch came back. With a vengeance I could never have imagined! I met my husband, had a family and ‘life’ happened … but that itch was never far away.

A whole world out there ready to explore! I’m a solutions kinda gal and in 2018 had to seek out how I could get this itch itched, once and for all lol. 18 years I’d been suffering, but I found the solution. Finally.

Even with the world as scary as it is right now, air travel mostly grounded all around the world. Fear mongering rife and worry about how far this virus may actually go. But when the world reopens, my community and I will be ready. We’ll be travelling again. And no matter how far the industry hikes the prices to recoup for losses, I’ll still be able to afford it regardless because I’m not bound or ‘held to ransom’ by the travel agents.

I’m part of an exclusive community that is ready for the fall out that will come from the travel industry after these tough times are over. This community, with it’s support, sense of belonging and friendship has helped me relieve my itch lol. And we continue to help thousands of others across the world prepare for the time we can roam freely again. Unprecedented in the world of travel, this is the beginning of a very exciting revolution in the world of travel.

We know right now isn’t a time you’ll be paying for travel – we’ve anticipated this and adapted how we can help. For 30 days, while you’re self isolating, on lock down or choosing to keep safe in whatever way you feel appropriate, you can check out our community. It will cost you nothing. There will be no obligation – AT ALL. It may not be for you. But if it is and you don’t check it out, won’t you keep wondering?

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