Losing It In Lidl!

I went to Lidl today. Not unusual – a new one has opened around the corner and I sometimes call in to pick up bits and pieces. We’re self isolating at the moment, two of my four little people have a history of health issues and are considered high risk for the virus. So to get some fresh air, we had a walk to Lidl, all safety measures considered.

Not too busy, we had to swap a few things we wanted as some shelves were empty, but I’m all for adapting to the situation – call me Bear Grylls if you will – improvise, adapt, overcome ….

And then the check out. They’re quick. Not as quick as Aldi (hats off to those amazing cashiers that can run a full trolley of food through in about 5 seconds whilst you’re trying to catch the weetabix and whiskers whizzing past your head), but they are still pretty impressive with their skills.

Then it’s time to pay. My 4 year old tries to open the plastic on the juice cartons I bought ‘mum, mum, MUM! You do it please!) …. my 2 year old is trying to climb over the no entry barrier on the opposite till and completely ignoring me shouting his name …. my 13 year old is mortified as he may have seen someone he knows and is pretending he isn’t with us … and my 11 year old is at my sisters, so spared the humiliation haha.

INCORRECT PIN. What? OMG can’t be. Mind blank. Anxiety raising it’s ugly head. Shit, shit, shit. Jumped back on that keypad, quick as I could. The queue of pissed off customers was growing and I was starting to get mildly (hugely) stressed (just don’t tell the kids lol).

INCORRECT PIN. Noooooo! It can’t be wrong! Ask the cashier – ‘what’s my pin?!’ and laugh – nervously. Honestly can not remember and I’m getting stared at. People have places to go, things to do and I’m holding them up. Oh my god, I can’t believe this is happening. The people tapping their feet and hands on their hips not being patient AT ALL also have masks on. Wait, what is going on? Oh yes, it’s the virus. They must be high risk. And I’m holding them up …. GOT IT!

Stabbed my pin in as quick as I could – the cashier says ‘that’s the pin, but it says rejected’……

I can’t speak. All I hear is my 4 year old’s voice STILL begging me to open her bloody drink that we hadn’t even paid for …. my 2 year old falls down and starts crying and my 13 year old is whispering ‘oh my god mum…’.

Ok … ok. I can do this. My anxiety will NOT get the better of me. Ok.

I check my purse, an old debit card is there with a zero balance …. but, I have my phone, I can transfer cash out of my regular account that should have a card that bloody works. I CAN do this.

So I did. The cashier said ‘just wait over there while you sort it out’. I went on my apps and I moved cash from one place to another. No appreciation (until now!) of how incredible this is in itself! I was just trying to keep my thinly held sanity with a now crying 4 year old (I finally opened her drink and she spilt it everywhere), a happy 2 year old (sat under the counter where you load your shopping eating … an easter bunny I wasn’t letting him have yet!) and a rosy cheeked 13 year old, embarrassed to hell, vowing he will never come shopping with us again.

The masked customers got their shopping. (It was so surreal). I paid for my shopping and we went on our way, grateful for the sunshine and air outside and soon to forget about the stress and anxiety that was mounting through this whole experience.

Can anyone relate?

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