Essential shopping?

I’m not dismissing the challenging times we’re living through right now.

I’m not.

But I have four kids. FOUR little vultures that don’t come up for air when they’re eating us out of house and home.

I saw this earlier ..

‘With its heart beating up to 20 times a second during hovering flight, humming birds need lots of food to maintain their phenomenal flight engines powering their wings which can flap up to 80 times a second. They eat up to twice their weight in nectar every day making them not only the hungriest birds but the hungriest animals outside the insect realm.’

The 5 hungriest animals

So. The tiny little humming bird has a heart that beats 20 times a second. I have kids that can shout my name at the top of their lungs just as quick.

Because of this they need to eat twice their weight in food.

My kids have turned into whining, hungry humming birds. The hungriest animals outside of the ‘insect realm’. Now it all makes sense!

With this in mind and the restrictions we have in place, everyday is pretty much an essential shopping day. Am I on my own in this?

I’m not the biggest fan of food shopping. And now there are virtually no home deliveries either. So I am stuck with it if I want them to eat. (Which I do by the way).

As time has gone on, the nutritional value of our ‘essential’ foods of choice has rapidly declined. Just a few examples of today’s haul:

  • ‘ready to eat’ pigs in blankets
  • egg custards
  • cream eggs
  • ice cream
  • sugared waffles

Almost all of this has gone …. ALREADY! Less than 10 hours after braving our covid-19 world. Guess what I’ll now have to be doing tomorrow?

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful. Hugely grateful that we have food to choose from in the first place. And I’m grateful my beautiful children are in good health, safe and well and have amazingly good appetites.

I don’t know. Maybe this is my ‘stir crazy’, complaining, unhappy phase of this situation. It won’t last and I promise to shop for healthier, more well rounded foods for us all tomorrow.

Stay safe.

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