Satursnesday, 4rdth of Aprarchay, 2020?

Is it April? March? Maybe May?

Could it be Wednesday today? Thursday? Maybe even Saturday?

The days are merging into one. At first, it was the feeling you get in the school summer holidays. Novel at first (no pun intended …), finding a new, more relaxed routine, trying to have some fun. Realising this is a great time to reconnect with the kids.

Main differences being:

  • We can go where we want, when we want in the summer break.
  • The kids can go out with friends, not just face time them.
  • I don’t have to do the food shopping alone (I may have mentioned I HATE food shopping).

The novelty this time though has been shadowed by fear and uncertainty. Groundhog Day, but without the luxury of Bill Murray knowing exactly what is going to happen next.

So what do we do to fill this time?

I work from home, so not much changes in relation to that for me. This is completely new to some and not quite as easy as it sounds.

So we plan. We have timetables (colour coded if you’re extra organised), get stressed when the plan doesn’t go to plan. Feel more sleepy than we ever had (what is WITH that?). We ‘home-school’ and incorporate some of the household chores into our new curriculum. We watch movies, play in the garden, eat comfort food and just try and get through this.

And we clap.

Every Thursday, 8pm. We clap for the NHS workers, the nurses writing their will at 21 years old, unsure if they will make it through this unscathed. We clap for the pharmacy workers who deal with panicked customers that can’t get in to see their doctor and still manage to fulfill existing prescriptions for those that need them most. We clap for the shop workers who continuously replenish the shelves that the selfish, thoughtless ‘panic buyers’ have emptied each day. We clap for the people in logistics, that carry on distributing deliveries to those shops. We clap for the carers and support workers of the vulnerable and the challenges they face keeping others safe. We clap for our neighbours, our communities, our families, ourselves.

And we clap for our kids who are being forced to adapt to a different world. After all this is done, they are the ones that will continue with the lessons we learn from all of this.

Stay safe.

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