Easter Blessings To You And Yours!

We’re used to spending the Easter break anywhere other than home, so this year in lock-down has been a huge challenge. Yesterday was one of the worst days so far. Feeling overwhelmed with kids and business. Then that stifling claustrophobia. Cabin fever setting in because we can’t go anywhere. Makes me wonder how they coped on those discovery voyages, on a boat for months. Unless it was when they were discovering the Caribbean. Now that is something I could cope with lol!

I went with the feeling yesterday. Just let it flow over me in waves. They were warm waves (so I was clearly still in Caribbean mode lol). Then the tears came. It’s the first time I’ve really cried about this whole situation. It wasn’t pretty. And those amazing kids on Britain’s Got Talent singing ‘This Is Me!’, well it just tipped me over the edge! I drank too much vodka (not recommended) and went to bed early.

With mum duty this morning (AKA the Easter Bunny), I woke early this morning (no hangover thank goodness lol!). Set up the Easter Egg Hunt, chocolate for breakfast of course and put a gammon roast dinner to cook slowly through the day.

Then I slept! A whole hour whilst the kids were playing! And I don’t even feel guilty.

You see, we’re all going through this. Not just my family and I, but the whole world over is struggling to find a new ‘normal’ – at least temporarily. That is the key thing to remember. This is temporary. We have to go with whatever feels right, in that moment. And it is for the best. When we stay home, we save lives.

There is so much fear out there right now and I say this not to further that fear, but to bring some clarity to why we shouldn’t be around others that are not a part of our household. A very high percentage of us will get this virus. Most of us will not die from it. Some of us will need specialist care to get through it – but if the volume of people catch it and need that specialist care ALL AT ONCE, our health service would not be able to cope. People would unnecessarily die. This can be hugely controlled, managed and reduced by staying home.

Why am I pointing this out? I have spoken to many people who believe if they stay home, they will never contract this virus. This is inaccurate. Do your research, check the evidence. Most of us will get it, most of us will not have severe symptoms.

I have also seen many people flouting the guidelines this Easter weekend. Visiting beaches, meeting friends, having parties! I mean, come on?! These people mostly feel that because they don’t have the virus, they’re alright and they don’t need to worry. Even if they are to take ill, they’re healthy and unlikely to get too poorly.

Which is awesome. I really mean that. It’s great that you’re young, fit and healthy and you won’t get seriously ill with this virus. But it is not about you, is it? It’s about the people you infect. The chain reaction you cause because ‘you’re alright jack!’ Those you infect you might not see again. But those they infect will grow in number and then guess what happens?

If the volume of people catch it and need that specialist care ALL AT ONCE, our health service would not be able to cope. People would unnecessarily die.’

Paula Middleton

This is not a permanent state of affairs. We will get back to those beaches, make those memories and find another, newer ‘normal’. We will soon be able to go where we want, when we want, with who we want. Don’t let that happen at the expense of others. Be patient. Be thoughtful and stay safe.

Still planning on a day out tomorrow?

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