How you doing? Like really…

You, my Queen ( or King – whichever you prefer) have got this.

We have never been through times like these in our lifetime. It’s all new. So however and whatever gets you through this (within reason!) just let it happen.

Right now we have a lot of anger in our house. I have four kids ageing from two years to thirteen so there are many different levels of understanding of what is going on right now.

I watch the news once a day (and end up shouting at the TV ….. which is a whole other blog lol!), but my four year old says, without fail – ‘do we have to watch corona virus today mum?’. I tell her no and she goes to play in the garden and I wonder what is going on in her tiny, little, innocent mind.

We’ve had an emotional day today. We woke up to find a dead bird in the house that the cat brought in. I quickly took it to ‘dispose’ of and my four year old asked where it went. I explained it’s gone to meet Grandma in heaven and she will look after the bird from now on, to look down on us and see we’re safe.

She was inconsolable! So upset. She asked if we all had to go to heaven, if her brothers, sister, me, her dad and everyone else must go now. I soothed her, reassured her that no, we won’t be going anywhere (quite literally, although I didn’t let that slip lol …) and she was ok. Then her nursery teacher called to check how she has been. We were chatting and the teacher asked to speak to her. I could see the tears in her eyes about to fall again, like a dam about to burst. She missed her teacher, her friends, routine. And it broke my heart a little bit. She couldn’t get the words out to speak to her teacher and just looked at me helplessly.

When the call was finished, we had a chat. She felt sad, bless her heart, with missing her best friend from pre-school and everyone else she laughs and plays with. I explained what her teacher said. Lots of her friends felt the same way. And we talked in-depth about how wonderful it will be when we can go back to school to see everyone again, we wrote down some of her post-lockdown wishes and saved them with the other wishes in our special family ‘wish jar’. I explained her teacher called to say it’s ok to feel sad sometimes.

She spent the rest of the morning doing the tasks her teacher set ages ago – I have not been on the ball with this homeschooling lark! And she absolutely loved it.

It’s pretty clear to see – I’m winging it …

I am. But I think we all are right now.

Do you have a support network to rely on? Where you can sound off, speak your real truth and say how you’re truly feeling?

I’m grateful to have a few. And I need them, because trust me, I love my kids – they’re my life. But they can drive me bat-shit crazy at times! And as for my hubby, he’s a key worker in logistics, but as there is not enough freight coming from Europe, there isn’t enough work right now. I feel like pinning the DIY wish list to his forehead ….. but he will forget it’s there lol.

If you’re seriously struggling with partners at home, then here is where you can go.

If you’re feeling like things are too much, reach out and get some help here.

Much love to you and yours. We will get through this. Don’t think you need to be alone. My inbox is always open if you need a non-judgemental chat.

Stay safe.


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