You got skills?

Ok, so I can’t do what this amazing lady can do …. but I got other skills … haven’t I?

I’ve been juggling work, homeschooling and lock down as all of us have. I over-committed to self development and training classes and now I feel like I’m going out of my mind a little …. kind of defeats the object!

As a MIBA co-ordinator, I host child friendly networking meetings for mums in business. We had one this morning which was a huge success, all about how to build an engaging and consistently growing Facebook Group.

The guest speaker Samantha Harradine, talked about ‘niching’ down and getting really specific about what you do when it comes to a group name. Keep it simple, don’t over complicate. The names of your kids may mean a lot, but it doesn’t necessarily tell people a lot about what you do.

And it got me thinking. My business is ‘Don’t Just Imagine, Achieve It, Own It’. This could be about anything. The initials of my business are my children’s names (D,J,I,A,O) so I’ve definitely made a business naming faux pas lol.

Plus you might want to ‘achieve’ and ‘own’ anything. If you’re a douche bag and proud of it for example. You might want to learn how to own and achieve your douche bag status … but that’s what makes you a douche bag! (….just a thought ….).

Anyway, I digress. I’m not going to change my business name lol. I’ve had this name since 2013 and it is part of a brand that umbrellas many different things – thankfully not how to be a douche bag …. but never say never!

It did however get me thinking about my Facebook group names. One is travel related and one is all about network marketing. It’s important to have the title related to keywords people may search for. Our travel group was at one point just the name of our team, which again, if you’re not a part of the team will mean absolutely nothing to you. Plus no-one will search for it as they may not know it yet.

We niched this down a while ago. It’s now called ‘Exclusive Discount Travel and Savings Club – with Dragonfly Voyagers‘ and does exactly what it says on the tin.

Today I considered my personal group for network marketers. Right now it is really generic. I mean really general for all network marketers. I am 5 members off 400 (help a girl out!) but I have big plans for it.

So I need to work out my networking marketing ‘niche’. Am I best at pitching? Team building? Following up? Presenting?

After looking back over my work career, my work from home businesses, my weaknesses and my strengths there is a pattern that emerges. I’m good with people. Difficult people, shy people, loud and brash people. People and communication are my niche! I must have known this already as some of the self development work I’m catching up on is around exactly this. I was on the right track anyway, despite the overwhelm I was feeling!

I’ll be sharing lots more about this in my group that is shortly going to be renamed lol, but head on over, I’d love your feedback.

Stay safe folks.

P x

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