Priorities. Funny how they change.

Growing up I wasn’t one for designer clothes. I never really dreamed of a big house, fast car, or my own private jet. I just wanted to feel happy, loved, content. I didn’t know how that would come about, but I hoped it would.

Now I have the things I wanted. I have four amazing children (no-one warns you quite how hard that is to deal with!), a husband that’s ….. ok most of the time …. lol. I feel loved, I usually feel happy but I still haven’t achieved that contentment.

I think I’ve had it before. My husband and I have been together over 16 years and throughout that time there have been moments of feeling content. But over the past few years what I thought I wanted has completely changed.

Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful for what I have and appreciate every single day on this planet. But I have always felt a little different than others. Always had that niggling feeling that there must be more than this. Like I’m waiting for something HUGE to happen.

Well, you can’t get much bigger than what’s been happening in the last few weeks can you? A global pandemic. Not sure it was exactly what I had in mind, but our good ole universal can work in mysterious ways when manifesting change.

Please know that I have NEVER asked the universe to drop something like this on the entire population of the world. It has merely enhanced the feelings I already had of missing out. ‘FOMO’ if you will. Fear off never seeing or visiting the places on my bucket list. Of not being able to witness a beautiful sunset whilst sat on the patio of a water villa in the Maldives, the Northern Lights, New York at Christmas, the Taj Mahal, the Sphinx – basically I have FOMO of the entire world! I want to see it all! I want to experience everything – NOW! And I don’t want to miss a thing!

I don’t need designer gear to see the beautiful beaches and coves of Thailand. Dripping in jewellery isn’t a pre-requisite to the helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon and the Elephants of Sri Lanka certainly won’t give two trumpets from their trunk if my trainers were £200 or £20! You can’t put a price on positive experiences and if this pandemic has taught me anything it is that life can be short.

I feel like I owe it to myself and my children to get out there. Experience the new world, see the stuff of our dreams and learn about other cultures. And I’ve realised my priorities haven’t changed at all! I have just adjusted them to cater for the changing needs my family and I now have. I still strive for contentment and know I will achieve it. There are just a few … (ok, a lot of) things I want to do before I’m ready to say, yes, this is my version of contentment.

The reason travel is such a high priority for me is because it teaches us. All sorts of things. Independence, confidence, acceptance of differences out there in the world. And I mean acceptance of whether you wear designer clothes, are dripping in bling and / or have £200 trainers on your feet or not lol.

During this pandemic we have seen some of the lowest paid in societies all over the world going to work day in day out, passing streets and driveways with top of the range cars sat idle whilst those who are the highest earners are unable to work in the way they usually would.

Surely, the real point here is that none of that materialistic stuff actually really matters anyway?

Stay safe.

P x

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