5 ways to hook your social media audience

The online world is busy. We get distracted …. easily. We don’t pay attention. We browse, but don’t take much in.

Unless it stands out!

Unless it shouts ….. LOUD!!!

So how do we make our social media loud without screaming from the roof tops or hiring the local town cryer? … ‘hear ye, hear ye’!

We stand out. We do things that little bit different to others. We are attractive to our audience and we help them with what they want!

Here’s 5 ways you can get your audience hooked from the get go …

  1. Share your secrets! FOMO, it turns out (Fear Of Missing Out to those not ‘down with the kids) is a genuine thing. If you’re sharing an exciting new product or service in a group / page / blog and you want people to check it out, tell them you’re ‘spilling your secrets’ about x/y/z in group / page/ blog. Check out link in comments. Most platforms prefer you not to share external links in the main part of your post – if you do you might not get as much reach.
  2. Speak to your ideal client DIRECTLY! If you don’t know who this is, check this out. It is crucial to get this right, even if your stuff is for everyone. You can easily dilute your message when you try and capture everyone, which will result in tumbleweeds. Trust me, I’ve done it lol.
  3. Get your main profile up to scratch! Your profile and cover pics are the most viewed items on your profile when someone is getting to know you. Most people like and eventually trust an account that has a profile picture with your face on, rather than your cat. Your cover pic should tell those looking at it a bit more about what you do, what problem you solve, the reason you’re open to connecting in the first place.
  4. Occasionally post content that others may share – but without asking them to. A funny meme maybe, an inspiring quote. This will raise your visibility.
  5. Use key words! I can’t stress this enough. Most people go on social media with an idea of what they want to see. If they’re searching for something you have but their keyword isn’t showing in your posts, they’re not going to see your stuff!

Hope this helps! Lots more tips to help you here too!

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