Home Schooling?

My youngest doing some ‘homework’ in my office … (tent)

With four kids and working from home full time, it’s always been a juggle. In lockdown even more so. Have things slipped? In some areas yes. Am I still in control of the situation? I like to think so lol!

We’re only in a three bed house so when all six of us are home we are living on top of each other. The living room is usually my ‘office’ when the kids are at school, but guess what? Hubby has been furloughed and the kids aren’t in school … so no office or space to concentrate.

So I had a brain wave, a master plan if you will. We have an old awning from my dad’s caravan. So I put it up on the decking. Viola! An office to escape to!

My travel team laugh as I don’t yet have proper lighting in here, so evening zoom calls mean you can see my disembodied head if I get close enough to the camera and the reflection of my screen in my glasses.

Where does home schooling fit into this? Yes we try to do at least an hour a day, although emails are coming thick and fast from teachers telling me what is still outstanding …. but what about considering this? I am not a teacher of mainstream education. Nor do I pretend to be. I am a mum, a constant reassurance, shoulder to cry on, source of comfort in strange times.

I am a teacher of life skills. Ensuring my kids grow up with appropriate morals, kindness and compassion for others. I’m also teaching them how to adapt to seemingly impossible situations. To show resilience and to show we never, ever give up.

My office (tent) might not look like much, but it is my little piece of heaven and holds more meaning than you may think. It’s a symbol of strength. Of continuing on through this madness. A place of calm when we start to lose our heads a little.

I can’t let today pass without mentioning the awe inspiring veterans who protected us through a much tougher time that came to an end 75 years ago. And it is due to these heroes that any of us are here at all.

Let’s keep teaching our kids in the best way we can. Yes do as much of the set work we can manage, but also teach them about our history and what it means for the present. How we cope. The lessons we learn carry us into the future filled with hope.

Stay safe.

P x

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