Judgemental much?

So sorry, I’ve been so busy here, business is booming and the kids are hyper lol! But here’s a little something I thought about today.

Judgement. We all do it, it’s human nature. It’s catching ourselves doing it and having that insight to stop that is what makes us better people and I’m all for being better than the person I was yesterday.

So, I know people who:

✅ drink aged urine for it’s health benefits 😮

✅ believe the earth is flat 😮

✅ think the human race is descended from aliens who still live amongst us 😮

✅ believe by focussing on a positive lifestyle, it manifests itself 😮

✅ that there is a divine energy that we can tap into to bring good things to our lives 😮

✅ that there is a God 😮

✅ that there are multiple Gods 😮

✅ that God is female 😮

Do I subscribe to all of these beliefs? Nope!

Do I judge those that do? Nope!

So why do we let other people’s judgement of ourselves stop us doing what we want to do? 🤔

Release the worries of judgement and you’ll start to shine 🥰

Have a fab day folks ❤

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