Why be consistent?

Photo by Polina Zimmerman on Pexels.com

Many go into business for themselves thinking they will make their dreams come true. And they can! But it isn’t an instant thing.

Whether you are in traditional business or something outside of the mainstream, consistent action is absolutely key to get visibility, sales and momentum.

I’m in network marketing and Eric Worre has it right when he talks about how network marketers are paid.

He says we’ll spend some time not being paid at all – a longer time being underpaid compared to traditional means of generating an income – but the rest our LIVES receiving an income that we have only ever DREAMED of that can rarely be achieved in a traditional ‘job’ role.

The first two points can be applied to traditional business too – it takes around 3 years to be in profit, but unfortunately not all make it that far. Especially after recent events.

Fortunately, me and many people I know always had a plan B to fall back on that would never be effected by recession, pandemics and other global crisis around the world. Nevertheless, I have had to remain consistent throughout in order to maintain and grow my business.

We have broken company records in sales in the last two months thanks to the consistency we have shown 🥳

Are you being consistent?

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