Does Perfection Exist?

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Perfection – more thoughts ….

We have spent what feels like forever in lockdown, unable to see loved ones, unable to go out. And I’ll be the first to admit, we have sometimes stayed in PJ’s all day, had a few Netflix and Disney binges and eaten rubbish food whilst doing it.

I have tried to keep on top of personal development as I feel this is hugely important both for my emotional wellness and that of my family. Again, this has not been perfected during lockdown and I had plans to do much more!

However, what we have done is make memories. Not all will be productive, but most will be filled with fun for my children and despite being confined we have continued to have a life!

I always dreamed of being the best at whatever I did, have the perfect little family and manage with anything that has been thrown my way. Although parts of this have gone exactly to plan in my eyes, I have coped better than most during a time of uncertainty and I think a lot of this is due to not having that perfect little life I imagined. I’ve had to adapt over the years to things not going to plan and in turn it has enabled me to adapt in this time of crisis.

Has this lockdown brought you thoughts of changing anything in your life? Has it made you realise perfection doesn’t exist – and that it’s ok if it doesn’t?

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