Visit Bali and tailor your stay to suit your Star Sign

Landing at Ngurah Rai International Airport, you quickly become aware that you’re about to experience a vacation much bigger than yourself. That’s because you’ve landed in Bali, Indonesia, a place well-known for its connection to the spiritual and metaphysical world.

Inspired by the unique characteristics of each zodiac, The Mulia’s on-property travel experts will tailor guest itineraries based on their individual horoscopes and their personality traits. This way, everyone will get a personalized experience without having to lift a finger in the planning process.

For example, the travel concierge team says they found those born under the Pisces sign hold the common personality traits of being smart, creative, and deeply intuitive. So, for Pisces travelers, the crew at The Mulia seeks to bring out the sign’s romantic side by offering an exclusive dining experience under the full moon for their trip.

For the mighty Taurus, who holds the common personality traits of being stable and adores to be surrounded by love and beauty, the team designed a suite experience known as the “Sunset Suite Indulgence.” It includes “immersing guests in the panoramic views of the Indian Ocean while savoring the finest imported caviar and a bottle of champagne, served Jacuzzi-side by your butler.”

How about a trip for adventurous Sagittarius travelers? For them, The Mulia set up a day of exploring the local neighborhood, including walking along the hidden beaches around the south of the resort. The Mulia will even arrange transportation and tour programs for a selection of excursions and activities.

Of course, these astrological and spiritual adventures are far from the only reason to visit The Mulia.

The resort, which sits directly on the white sand coastline, is about as luxurious as luxury gets. Each of its 111 beachfront suites comes with a view worth traveling for, and balconies or patios where you can watch the sun go down and the moon and stars rise over the ocean.

But, to make the most of The Mulia experience, it may be best to book one of the villas, located just up the hill from the main resort. There, guests can check into one, two, or three-bedroom abodes that each come with their own private dipping pools and outdoor spaces.

Both the hotel and villas are a food lover’s dream thanks to the nine restaurants and bars to choose from, as well as the aforementioned bespoke outdoor dining experiences (not just for Pisces) available upon request.

The resort is also home to one of the best spas in the world. There, guests can choose from an array of services, including an all-day treatment that includes a scrub, massage, and facial. Guests are also welcome to just come sit in the massive hydrotherapy pool, which this Pisces can tell you is extremely inviting for everyone — water sign or otherwise.

If Bali is a destination on your bucket list and you thought it unaffordable in the past, I’m helping people go to luxury locations like this but without the luxury price-tag. Click here to learn more ❤

Love and light ✨


Source: Travel+Leisure

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