Quick look back on one hell of a year!

Ending 2020 on a high with an #attitudeofgratitude. I’m beyond blessed with:

  • My business. 5 glorious weeks away with the kids this year resulting in a £5.6k saving and more importantly, priceless and precious memories with my clan (even through a global pandemic!). A goal for 2021 is to help at least 1,000 families to have access to these kind of benefits so they can enjoy growing family bonds and being present. Especially after this year. Our products are definitely ‘essential’ shopping that’s for sure!
  • Business partners and mentors. Co-hosting the second UK national event for our company was an honour and a privilege. Being a guest countless times on our live international corporate events, ‘fireside’ chats and sharing my story with our incredible Spanish speaking team was an absolute pleasure. Blessed beyond measure and looking forward to meeting you all face to face on our business trips next year! (Including Hawaii, Vegas and Mexico btw!)
  • The networking world. One highlight from many this year was taking part in #womanifest2020. It was simply … mind blowing. Hosting a two-day workshop with my business partner Mu about the Psychology of Travel, being featured on BBC Manchester radio and meeting some of the most inspirational women I’ve ever spoken with was a total game changer.
  • The NHS. For obvious reasons! But having had a blue lighted ambulance sent for yours truly over the Christmas period, it definitely brings it home how lucky we are here in the UK with our health service.
  • My tribe. You know who you are. You who ‘gets’ me better than I ‘get’ myself at times. That has the belief I lack when I’m having an ‘off’ day. That kick my butt when it’s needed and just generally keep me in check (well, as much as you can lol!). Thank you for your ever constant support, encouragement and angelic patience.
  • Our local community, schools and teachers. Having four kids of different ages in the education system, this is close to my heart. The response to this years events have somehow been different for each child, some better than others. But we’re in a strange world. We do what we can and I’m grateful my four have had enough support to get through this time relatively unscathed. Community is everything in times like this. Thanks to some amazing friends that do some amazing work, I’ll be returning to my roots and providing mental health support to many local to me in 2021. Watch this space!
  • My awesome clan. The reason I do what I do. The glue that holds me together when I’m feeling frayed, stressed and exhausted. My world, my why, my absolute everything.

There is so much more – how crazy and amazing life is with four kids, writing opportunities that have come my way (I’ll have another short story published in Jan plus another secret something up my sleeve later in the year lol), new friends, new possibilities. The list is truly endless.

Happy new year beautiful people. Stay positive. Stay true to you. Stay away from too much overwhelming mainstream media. Stay safe.

Love and light.


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