Don’t Just Imagine …

The Perfect Work-Life Balance …

… what does that feel like for you?

Feel good books – the better you feel, the more you allow!

Wiggling your toes in the soft, warm, golden sand; listening to the roar of the waves crashing on the shore and the laughter of the kids splashing in the water? Knowing your pockets, bank and heart are full is an incredible bonus, because the memories being made here will last a lifetime …

Maybe it’s a lakeside cabin in the mountains. The sound of the natural world floating through an open window and the comforting smell of wood smoke from the campfire tickling your nose. Opening the door, you hear the bubbling of the hot tub and smell the pine of ancient trees with their own mysterious stories to share.

Work Life Balance, Work From Home, Work From Anywhere
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Perhaps you like the hustle and bustle of the city. The low and rhythmic chug of a train passing, the distant sound of cars below, everyone busy with somewhere to be. The mouth watering smells of local street food stands and sounds of the local marketplace.

Whatever it may be – I need to let you in on a secret ……..

Everybody wants to find it!

Let me explain …

work from home work from anywhere

If you asked a hundred people if time and money were no object, what would be the first thing they would do …?

99% of people would say … TRAVEL!’. And with the world on hold during most of 2020, there hasn’t been a better time to plan your next trip.

We’re starting a lifestyle revolution from the beaches of the world!

When we checked out why people weren’t achieving an acceptable work life balance, we found most couldn’t afford to go on the trips they had been dreaming of. In fact, a lot of families with children were being completely out- priced in tourism abroad especially since so many in the industry trying to claw back losses after the 2020 outbreak.

This got us thinking….. we have subscriptions for ….

  • our phones
  • fresh food
  • broadband
  • our car
  • sofa’s, white goods & furniture
  • satellite channels
  • cable TV …… but …..what if you could subscribe to a club that provides luxury hotels and resorts without the luxury price tag? Enabling you to visit the places you’re watching on the TV and EAT the exotic food where those delicious recipes were actually conceived?!

What if … you had complete control of where and when you were booking trips, but paid zero commissions in the price … ?

What if … there was a way families (and anyone else for that matter) could book luxury breaks and just pay for the flights

Our lives have changed beyond measure.

We are re-evaluating EVERYTHING and realising the most important thing is to LIVE!

Whilst you have this ‘second chance’ at life, make sure you’re including the lifestyle redesign too, with affordable luxury travel written IN CAPITALS at the very top of that list and send us a message below!

I know what you’re thinking …

Too good to be true right?

Well, there would need to be a proven track record of success. The company MUST be built on a solid foundation, debt free and of zero risk to it’s customers

After a long and thorough search,

we found it!

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