Setbacks? Check yourself!

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Hell yeah!

Trust me, there have been a few setbacks over the years, we all go through them.

The last few months have taught me a HUGELY important lesson and I think this is something that will resonate with many of you.

The biggest block I have ever had for growth, whether personal or professional, has never been the haters beating my confidence out of me as I once thought (just smile and wave boys, smile and wave 👋).

It isn’t the critics that ‘know better’ than me. It isn’t even the people that just don’t ‘get’ me.

It’s my own mind. That internal dialogue that says things like:

‘Are you REALLY sure you can do this?’

‘Why would they want to hear what YOU say?’

‘You’re going to look ridiculous when you fail!’

Sound familiar to anyone? 🤔

That inner voice has been crafted over many years.

Making detailed notes in the back of your mind of ALL the negative comments and experiences you’ve ever been through.

The time you were laughed at or told you’re too ‘this’ or too ‘that’. When you were told you weren’t good enough. The times you were made to feel worthless.

It has a photographic memory too. Your conscious mind forgets a hell of a lot over time, but that little witch chattering on inside your head doesn’t miss a thing.

She’s cunning that one. She is honing her craft. She sits back for a while. Lulls you onto a false sense of security, especially when you’re working on ways to do the things she pipes up about.

She waits.

And when you’re about to bulldoze those barriers once and for all,




You know what? I have a message for her and anyone else that has ever doubted me.



I banished that rambling witch once and for all during 2020. I share more of how this has happened on my social media pages, so let’s connect there.

Let’s just say there have been a few challenges along the way, but they have filled me with a determination I never thought I could possess.

I can feel the change in me.

And I like it 😏

Love and light 💫