Law of Attraction Explained – part 2

Watch your language!

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So, you’re familiar with what the law of attraction does. You understand the principle that ‘thoughts become things’. When you put a request out there for something in your life to improve or change … nothing is happening!

Been there, done that and I know exactly how frustrating it feels. It’s not quite as simple as it sounds for our thoughts and desires to manifest. We must consider a few different things when we put this law into practice:

  1. Are you actually aligned with your wish?
  2. Do you truly want what it is you’re asking for?
  3. Have you asked in the right way?

Let’s explore each of these in turn.

1. Are you aligned with what you’re wishing for?

Picture this. You’ve stayed at an amazing place on a recent holiday and dream of moving there to live. You visualise the house – that one on the hill with the smoking chimney pot, it has beautiful flowers in the garden and honey bees buzzing around the place. A real chocolate box cottage and the kind of place you’ve dreamed of living since childhood. You’ve even planned out what you’d do everyday whilst you’re living your dream life. HOWEVER. You have a high pressured job located just around the corner from where you’re currently living and just know there isn’t anyone else that could possibly do this job as well as you. The kids have a great school that they love, maybe they wouldn’t like to go somewhere else? Where you live at the moment, the shops and day to day amenities are on the doorstep – would you manage being away from these things?

You’ve kept these doubts strictly secret. You haven’t expressed them to anyone because you know you want this and won’t allow anyone to talk you out of it! You’re talking about that beautiful little cottage on the hill to everyone that will listen. You NEED it. It would be a dream come true.

Regardless of whether you voice those fears or just think them, they are not aligned with the end goal. You are not thinking in complete harmony with what you outwardly express. You will never receive what you’re asking for when your thoughts and actions are so far from each other.

2. Do you TRULY want this?

At some point in our lives, we all have a moment where we wish we had more. Be it more freedom to do what we want, more money, more quality time with the kids, a bigger house, better car, more luxurious holiday. A lot of these things are distant ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ and if we were completely honest with ourselves we’re not really bothered if we receive them or not.

You must be crystal clear about what it is you want to manifest. This can take some time and exploration to figure out. Ask yourself why you want this thing. If you don’t get it will it really be disastrous for you? What will life be like with it? What will life be like without it? Make lists and really dig deep on this one. When you’ve checked out all of these options and honed in on exactly what it is you want, it is absolutely crucial to let go of the ‘how’. Your job in this process is not to question or to understand how this may come about. It is your job to trust that it will.

3. Have you asked in the right way?

Asking the universe for something, on the surface, seems pretty simple. After all, we’re speaking to an invisible entity and putting our total trust in something that we can’t see. Speaking a few words that go up and out into the stratosphere really isn’t too hard … is it?

I think the points highlighted above make it quite clear it’s not as simple as it seems lol. We must be aligned with what we want and we must be completely clear about it too. Something else that is sometimes overlooked is the fact that when we ask or manifest something, we must have real gratitude for it as if it is ALREADY part of our lives. This can be a hard concept to fully understand, so please bare with me!

When we say we ‘need’ something, we are coming from a place of lack. To be ‘needy’ and demanding is negative and lowers our spiritual vibration. The lower that vibration is, the less likely we are to receive the good we are so eagerly waiting for. We live as energetic beings in a world that has many different vibrational frequencies. Think of the opera singer who’s high note matches the resonant frequency of a wine glass causing it to shatter. Everything in the world and beyond has it’s own frequency and although some may say less dramatic than a glass exploding into tiny shards, when we are in complete vibrational harmony with our wants and desires, we are more likely to receive them. Expressing that you are ‘so happy and grateful now I live in the chocolate box house on the hill’, really feeling the excitement, the peace and the gratitude for your dream now being true will get you much further than the ‘need’ for it.

Take some action!

So often I see the law of attraction explained in a similar way to how I have with little emphasis on the action you should take to get your dreams in motion. It’s all well and good setting an intention to manifest something and letting go of how it will come about, but if you then forget about that intention and continue doing the things day to day that aren’t moving you in the direction of what you are wanting to manifest, then it is unlikely to happen. Or if it does, it can take much longer.

The last 12 months during this global pandemic, millions of people have had to change the way they usually do things. Working from home may have been a dream come true for many, but the reality may not have stacked up to quite what they thought. Others have flourished and others still have had to ‘think outside the box’ just to make ends meet.

More and more people have become problem solvers. Looking for solutions instead of continuously hitting their head in the brick wall they may otherwise choose to face. The law of attraction LOVES this kind of thing. It helps build momentum for you to reach that end goal more quickly.

When you consciously take steps to move in the direction you are also intending to manifest, things start to happen. Take the example above with the cottage on the hill. What if you befriended people in the local area on social media and told them how much you loved the place? What if you spoke with some of the estate agencies in the area to see what properties are available? What about visiting again and getting more even more of a feel for the place?

If you don’t necessarily have the finances at the time of requesting this, what can you do to manifest more money? Are there any additional jobs you can take on or hobbies you can turn into a business idea? All connections and well intended communication can lead to all sorts of opportunities you may not have first thought of.

The law of attraction is real. It works. It just takes a little practice. And it doesn’t always give you things in the way you expect! Last month I chose to manifest an extra £500 for something. I received a refund for a long forgotten incorrect payment that I had made of £190, £250 worth of unexpected sales in a business I don’t heavily promote, £60 from a loan I had made to a friend that I had forgotten about and some discount vouchers for my shopping totalling £34.

At the time of receiving each of these I hadn’t even thought of what I had intended to manifest just a few weeks previously. I just put the money away to save and check at the end of the month. I had manifested over £500 as I first intended. I hadn’t figured out how this would come about. I’d let go of the outcome and put my total trust that it would happen. And it did.

Love and light

Paula x

Law of Attraction Explained – part 1

Unless you’ve been under a rock over the last few years, you’ve more than likely heard of the ‘law of attraction’. The term was first coined in the late 1800’s, but grew in notoriety in the early 2000’s following Rhonda Byrne’s film ‘The Secret’ (you can watch it here).

In a nutshell, the law of attraction states that we attract what we believe, think and feel. Anything we want to create or ‘manifest’ we can think or speak about and, at some point, it will come to fruition. Like a wish from a dandelion clock, your desires and wants float off into the universe and return back to you granted. Whether we intend it or not, whether it is in the precise way we planned or not, our thoughts become things.

Have you ever been late for something and experienced more delays? All the traffic lights being red, or the bus making more stops than usual? In your head you’re saying ‘I’m going to be late! I’m going to be late!’, think the white rabbit in Alice in wonderland stylee. Well guess what? You were late!

How about when you’ve been thinking of someone and you suddenly run into them, receive a message or a call? What about a song going round and round in your head and it suddenly plays on the radio shortly after?

Many put this down to coincidence. I did too. For a while ….

As a child, I would secretly cross my fingers in the hope that I would get the things I really wanted. I’d do this for the most random of things! Little things that others wouldn’t think twice about. Like being chosen to stand in front of the class to read something, or being asked to explain something we were studying in front of others. I was, and remain, an introvert. (Not to be confused with lacking in confidence …. I’ve worked hard on this over the years and have that in abundance. But I’m still very happy to let others take centre stage rather than me lol.)

At this time, when I was young, it was due to a lack of self belief and unbelievably painful shyness. I never wanted ANY attention directed my way. So I would tightly cross my fingers under the desk and say to myself ‘you won’t pick me, you won’t pick me’.

Guess what? Nine out of ten times it worked!

Now, I’m not saying this was a good thing. It reinforced some behaviours that were, well in retrospect, not helpful at all. But without even knowing it, I was manifesting my wishes. Blowing every seed from my dandelion clock so they were floating up and away on the breeze. Making things happen.

For those cynics reading this, it’s ok if you think this is all kinds of crazy. I really don’t mind. And for those that have tried to use the law of attraction without success, I get why you would now be questioning it’s accuracy.

But hear me out.

From childhood we are conditioned. We learn that certain beliefs, actions and behaviours are acceptable and others are not. We don’t believe in ‘magic’ (unless you’ve got supercool parents who are just a li’l’ bit woowoo – lucky you btw!) and we’re taught to follow a very simple programme:

  • Go to school.
  • Work hard so you get qualifications. Don’t do anything too ‘different’ from what is expected.
  • Get a job.
  • Work your way up to better jobs, more money and more responsibility.
  • Get married and have children.
  • Carry on working hard and get an even BETTER job.
  • Retire and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Sounds like a great plan! I followed it to the letter for the best part of 30 years.

Then I came across The Secret and wow, my mind was blown. I read the book countless times, watched the film over and over, listened to the audio every moment I couldn’t read or watch it. And yet…..

…. NOTHING changed! Not a single thing.

I couldn’t understand why. I was completely baffled.

Then I realised – of course! When we are taught something new and it goes against what has been ingrained in us for such a long time, our brain starts screaming:

‘Houston, we have a problem ….!’

It’s called ‘cognitive dissonance’ and it’s when your actions, beliefs and what you ‘know’ as ‘fact’ do not align with what you are actually doing.

Externally you might be doing the stuff, following the universal law, but internally your programming has already kicked in. Your subconscious retains more information than you’ll ever knowingly forget and is now in the boxing ring with your conscious wishes.

It’s for your own protection! Fight or flight! Completely misguided, but years of conditioning doesn’t disappear overnight.

You need to tell Tyler Durdun to ‘do one’ and take his fight club elsewhere. You must trust in something you can’t physically see. You must let go of what you’ve known for a lifetime and reprogram your own brain.

It’s not easy, but it is possible.

In 2015 I left the corporate world and started my own business. 12 months after I had originally planned (I was still learning how all this stuff works, so give me a break!) but I made it happen. I’ve manifested money when my bank account has been in the red; a car when the one I had was held together with rust; things for my kids I was unsure I could source; unknowingly befriending an expert in a specialist field I wanted to learn more from; all sorts.

I also manifested things I certainly did not want. But that’s a story for another time lol.

If you watch the movie and decide to try this, be aware of four hugely important things:

  1. Steer clear of ‘lack’ or ‘limiting’ language. Like attracts like, whether positive or not. So instead of saying ‘I need … xyz’ use phrases set in the present tense as if you already have it in abundance. Eg ‘I’m so happy and grateful now that …xyz’. (More about this in future posts).
  2. You have to be SUPER clear about what it is you want. Feel it, smell it, visualise every single aspect. The universe delivers, but it doesn’t interpret what it ‘thinks’ you might want …. I found that out the hard way lol.
  3. It’s none of your beeswax how this may come about. It’s not your job to know how or even when. It’s your job to trust that it will.
  4. Take some action. The universe can place you on the right path, but it won’t put the words in your mouth that you need to ask or speak them for you if you’re sitting back doing nothing. If you’ve read this far, is that really you anyway?!

I’d love to hear about your successes (or failures!) whilst getting into this awesome habit so feel free to share in the comments. Thanks for reading.

Love and light,