75% Club! Norfolk, UK

With trepidation I closed the car door and counted the kids excited faces. One, two, three, four. Yes. All accounted for. All wide smiles, fit to burst with excited chatter for their first holiday of the year. All squashed up around luggage as I ALWAYS seem to over pack – even when it’s just the five of us.

It’s February half term and hubby can’t get time off work. We’re disappointed but determined. It was the first ‘Getaway’ (also known as Dream Vacation) I had booked through my travel club and I was, let’s be honest, a little nervous.

I’d used my membership for the occasional night away, getting nett nett prices (minus commission charges as we have our own commission free search engine) and the rooms and hotels were exactly as expected. The search for a place to stay was exactly the same as how I’d normally do it – but this time it was my own search engine I was using.

This was different. I had high hopes having seen videos and pictures from business partners on getaways all over the world. I was alone with my four kids travelling 150 miles for a half term break. If it was a shack in a field with a herd of sheep for neighbours, we would have to slum it.

I’d seen pictures of where we were to stay. Even had a look on YouTube for any footage. And it looked lovely. It did! Good location in Norfolk, lots of attractions to occupy the kids and some wonderful scenery on the way.

We set off. And the calls of ‘are we nearly there yet?’ began in harmony from my daughters. My two year old was happily obsessed with the cars and trucks on the roads and my thirteen year old was helping me navigate.

I find motorway driving dull as ditch water, so when we came off the motorway into the countryside I was happy. The light was starting to fade as we pulled up in the car park and the ground was dotted with puddles. I was hopeful for better weather due over the next week.

I went to reception with my eldest to book in. The reception lead into a busy restaurant and bar where there was a full blown party seeming to go on – it was Saturday evening after all! I got the key and we went and checked out our home for the week. It was perfect, we definitely didn’t need to slum it lol.

With a fully equipped kitchen (microwave, refrigerator and dining area). Private bathroom, and a lovely living area with a TV/DVD player. Set in 100 acres of parkland with the River Wissey flowing through, there is a driving range and putting green if golf is your thing. The colonial-style clubhouse restaurant serves a range of classic British meals and the cosy bar offers beverages, light snacks and traditional cooked breakfasts were served daily.

The location was perfect for family days out, we were busy making memories every single day. Never a dull moment and each one of us was contentedly exhausted when we crashed each night. What was even better was how much we had paid to stay at this place. 4 star luxury, everything we could need and 75% off the recommended price. I’d checked the place out on all travel platforms I could think of and NONE of them could give me a 75% discount at half term. Not one.

Even with the crazy events from March of this year, each of our members continue to receive such discounts. Those who aren’t aware of the travel revolution we’re introducing are seriously worried about price hikes in the industry to recoup losses. We don’t have that worry and with the way our club works, never will. We make sure our members are financially protected at all times and it’s our mission to reach more families that may be outpriced for travel in the coming months.

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Love and light.