75% Club! Norfolk, UK

With trepidation I closed the car door and counted the kids excited faces. One, two, three, four. Yes. All accounted for. All wide smiles, fit to burst with excited chatter for their first holiday of the year. All squashed up around luggage as I ALWAYS seem to over pack – even when it’s just the five of us.

It’s February half term and hubby can’t get time off work. We’re disappointed but determined. It was the first ‘Getaway’ (also known as Dream Vacation) I had booked through my travel club and I was, let’s be honest, a little nervous.

I’d used my membership for the occasional night away, getting nett nett prices (minus commission charges as we have our own commission free search engine) and the rooms and hotels were exactly as expected. The search for a place to stay was exactly the same as how I’d normally do it – but this time it was my own search engine I was using.

This was different. I had high hopes having seen videos and pictures from business partners on getaways all over the world. I was alone with my four kids travelling 150 miles for a half term break. If it was a shack in a field with a herd of sheep for neighbours, we would have to slum it.

I’d seen pictures of where we were to stay. Even had a look on YouTube for any footage. And it looked lovely. It did! Good location in Norfolk, lots of attractions to occupy the kids and some wonderful scenery on the way.

We set off. And the calls of ‘are we nearly there yet?’ began in harmony from my daughters. My two year old was happily obsessed with the cars and trucks on the roads and my thirteen year old was helping me navigate.

I find motorway driving dull as ditch water, so when we came off the motorway into the countryside I was happy. The light was starting to fade as we pulled up in the car park and the ground was dotted with puddles. I was hopeful for better weather due over the next week.

I went to reception with my eldest to book in. The reception lead into a busy restaurant and bar where there was a full blown party seeming to go on – it was Saturday evening after all! I got the key and we went and checked out our home for the week. It was perfect, we definitely didn’t need to slum it lol.

With a fully equipped kitchen (microwave, refrigerator and dining area). Private bathroom, and a lovely living area with a TV/DVD player. Set in 100 acres of parkland with the River Wissey flowing through, there is a driving range and putting green if golf is your thing. The colonial-style clubhouse restaurant serves a range of classic British meals and the cosy bar offers beverages, light snacks and traditional cooked breakfasts were served daily.

The location was perfect for family days out, we were busy making memories every single day. Never a dull moment and each one of us was contentedly exhausted when we crashed each night. What was even better was how much we had paid to stay at this place. 4 star luxury, everything we could need and 75% off the recommended price. I’d checked the place out on all travel platforms I could think of and NONE of them could give me a 75% discount at half term. Not one.

Even with the crazy events from March of this year, each of our members continue to receive such discounts. Those who aren’t aware of the travel revolution we’re introducing are seriously worried about price hikes in the industry to recoup losses. We don’t have that worry and with the way our club works, never will. We make sure our members are financially protected at all times and it’s our mission to reach more families that may be outpriced for travel in the coming months.

Want to chat?

Love and light.


Visit Bali and tailor your stay to suit your Star Sign

Landing at Ngurah Rai International Airport, you quickly become aware that you’re about to experience a vacation much bigger than yourself. That’s because you’ve landed in Bali, Indonesia, a place well-known for its connection to the spiritual and metaphysical world.

Inspired by the unique characteristics of each zodiac, The Mulia’s on-property travel experts will tailor guest itineraries based on their individual horoscopes and their personality traits. This way, everyone will get a personalized experience without having to lift a finger in the planning process.

For example, the travel concierge team says they found those born under the Pisces sign hold the common personality traits of being smart, creative, and deeply intuitive. So, for Pisces travelers, the crew at The Mulia seeks to bring out the sign’s romantic side by offering an exclusive dining experience under the full moon for their trip.

For the mighty Taurus, who holds the common personality traits of being stable and adores to be surrounded by love and beauty, the team designed a suite experience known as the “Sunset Suite Indulgence.” It includes “immersing guests in the panoramic views of the Indian Ocean while savoring the finest imported caviar and a bottle of champagne, served Jacuzzi-side by your butler.”

How about a trip for adventurous Sagittarius travelers? For them, The Mulia set up a day of exploring the local neighborhood, including walking along the hidden beaches around the south of the resort. The Mulia will even arrange transportation and tour programs for a selection of excursions and activities.

Of course, these astrological and spiritual adventures are far from the only reason to visit The Mulia.

The resort, which sits directly on the white sand coastline, is about as luxurious as luxury gets. Each of its 111 beachfront suites comes with a view worth traveling for, and balconies or patios where you can watch the sun go down and the moon and stars rise over the ocean.

But, to make the most of The Mulia experience, it may be best to book one of the villas, located just up the hill from the main resort. There, guests can check into one, two, or three-bedroom abodes that each come with their own private dipping pools and outdoor spaces.

Both the hotel and villas are a food lover’s dream thanks to the nine restaurants and bars to choose from, as well as the aforementioned bespoke outdoor dining experiences (not just for Pisces) available upon request.

The resort is also home to one of the best spas in the world. There, guests can choose from an array of services, including an all-day treatment that includes a scrub, massage, and facial. Guests are also welcome to just come sit in the massive hydrotherapy pool, which this Pisces can tell you is extremely inviting for everyone — water sign or otherwise.

If Bali is a destination on your bucket list and you thought it unaffordable in the past, I’m helping people go to luxury locations like this but without the luxury price-tag. Click here to learn more ❤

Love and light ✨


Source: Travel+Leisure

Priorities. Funny how they change.

Growing up I wasn’t one for designer clothes. I never really dreamed of a big house, fast car, or my own private jet. I just wanted to feel happy, loved, content. I didn’t know how that would come about, but I hoped it would.

Now I have the things I wanted. I have four amazing children (no-one warns you quite how hard that is to deal with!), a husband that’s ….. ok most of the time …. lol. I feel loved, I usually feel happy but I still haven’t achieved that contentment.

I think I’ve had it before. My husband and I have been together over 16 years and throughout that time there have been moments of feeling content. But over the past few years what I thought I wanted has completely changed.

Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful for what I have and appreciate every single day on this planet. But I have always felt a little different than others. Always had that niggling feeling that there must be more than this. Like I’m waiting for something HUGE to happen.

Well, you can’t get much bigger than what’s been happening in the last few weeks can you? A global pandemic. Not sure it was exactly what I had in mind, but our good ole universal can work in mysterious ways when manifesting change.

Please know that I have NEVER asked the universe to drop something like this on the entire population of the world. It has merely enhanced the feelings I already had of missing out. ‘FOMO’ if you will. Fear off never seeing or visiting the places on my bucket list. Of not being able to witness a beautiful sunset whilst sat on the patio of a water villa in the Maldives, the Northern Lights, New York at Christmas, the Taj Mahal, the Sphinx – basically I have FOMO of the entire world! I want to see it all! I want to experience everything – NOW! And I don’t want to miss a thing!

I don’t need designer gear to see the beautiful beaches and coves of Thailand. Dripping in jewellery isn’t a pre-requisite to the helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon and the Elephants of Sri Lanka certainly won’t give two trumpets from their trunk if my trainers were £200 or £20! You can’t put a price on positive experiences and if this pandemic has taught me anything it is that life can be short.

I feel like I owe it to myself and my children to get out there. Experience the new world, see the stuff of our dreams and learn about other cultures. And I’ve realised my priorities haven’t changed at all! I have just adjusted them to cater for the changing needs my family and I now have. I still strive for contentment and know I will achieve it. There are just a few … (ok, a lot of) things I want to do before I’m ready to say, yes, this is my version of contentment.

The reason travel is such a high priority for me is because it teaches us. All sorts of things. Independence, confidence, acceptance of differences out there in the world. And I mean acceptance of whether you wear designer clothes, are dripping in bling and / or have £200 trainers on your feet or not lol.

During this pandemic we have seen some of the lowest paid in societies all over the world going to work day in day out, passing streets and driveways with top of the range cars sat idle whilst those who are the highest earners are unable to work in the way they usually would.

Surely, the real point here is that none of that materialistic stuff actually really matters anyway?

Stay safe.

P x

You got skills?

Ok, so I can’t do what this amazing lady can do …. but I got other skills … haven’t I?

I’ve been juggling work, homeschooling and lock down as all of us have. I over-committed to self development and training classes and now I feel like I’m going out of my mind a little …. kind of defeats the object!

As a MIBA co-ordinator, I host child friendly networking meetings for mums in business. We had one this morning which was a huge success, all about how to build an engaging and consistently growing Facebook Group.

The guest speaker Samantha Harradine, talked about ‘niching’ down and getting really specific about what you do when it comes to a group name. Keep it simple, don’t over complicate. The names of your kids may mean a lot, but it doesn’t necessarily tell people a lot about what you do.

And it got me thinking. My business is ‘Don’t Just Imagine, Achieve It, Own It’. This could be about anything. The initials of my business are my children’s names (D,J,I,A,O) so I’ve definitely made a business naming faux pas lol.

Plus you might want to ‘achieve’ and ‘own’ anything. If you’re a douche bag and proud of it for example. You might want to learn how to own and achieve your douche bag status … but that’s what makes you a douche bag! (….just a thought ….).

Anyway, I digress. I’m not going to change my business name lol. I’ve had this name since 2013 and it is part of a brand that umbrellas many different things – thankfully not how to be a douche bag …. but never say never!

It did however get me thinking about my Facebook group names. One is travel related and one is all about network marketing. It’s important to have the title related to keywords people may search for. Our travel group was at one point just the name of our team, which again, if you’re not a part of the team will mean absolutely nothing to you. Plus no-one will search for it as they may not know it yet.

We niched this down a while ago. It’s now called ‘Exclusive Discount Travel and Savings Club – with Dragonfly Voyagers‘ and does exactly what it says on the tin.

Today I considered my personal group for network marketers. Right now it is really generic. I mean really general for all network marketers. I am 5 members off 400 (help a girl out!) but I have big plans for it.

So I need to work out my networking marketing ‘niche’. Am I best at pitching? Team building? Following up? Presenting?

After looking back over my work career, my work from home businesses, my weaknesses and my strengths there is a pattern that emerges. I’m good with people. Difficult people, shy people, loud and brash people. People and communication are my niche! I must have known this already as some of the self development work I’m catching up on is around exactly this. I was on the right track anyway, despite the overwhelm I was feeling!

I’ll be sharing lots more about this in my group that is shortly going to be renamed lol, but head on over, I’d love your feedback.

Stay safe folks.

P x

Ever had an itch you can’t quite reach?

I have and wow, it’s frustrating!

For me, it was the travel itch. I first felt it, like really felt it, in the year 2000. For my 21st I went to New York with a couple of friends. I was blown away. Times Square, Central Park, Trump Tower, Flat Iron, Empire State and of course the Twin towers were there at that time ….. 5th Avenue, the Bronx, Harlem, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island …. the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Ellis Island. I saw it all. I HAD to see it all – that was all part of my itchy condition lol!

It was amazing. And that itch was subdued … for a short while anyway. Then I saw an advert in my home city of Manchester, UK for ‘camp counsellors’ to stay in summer camps all over the United States. And there it was again! That itch I couldn’t reach, driving me crazy, making me squirm, making me think – could I? 3 months away from all I know, new friends, activities, culture?

Turns out I couldn’t. You see, my brain malfunctioned … the chemicals and synapses in the old grey matter decided they would trick me into thinking I wasn’t good enough to do it. No-one would like me. I was introverted. Nobody likes introverted people, they only like those that are the ‘life and soul’ of the party, which I most definitely wasn’t. My internal dialogue continued to tell me everyone would hate me. I was slightly overweight, so the little demon banshee in my head told me I would be laughed at if I tried to do the activities with the kids. Even the kids wouldn’t like me. She was very good.That demon banshee. At putting me down. Giving me fears and feeding my self doubts. She managed to do that for quite some time. And I let her … until I learned how to switch her off.

At times throughout my life she has screamed to be brought back to life. The screaming demon banshee that tricks my mind into feeling depressed, anxious, overwhelmed.

As you may guess, I didn’t ever become a camp counsellor. But that itch came back. With a vengeance I could never have imagined! I met my husband, had a family and ‘life’ happened … but that itch was never far away.

A whole world out there ready to explore! I’m a solutions kinda gal and in 2018 had to seek out how I could get this itch itched, once and for all lol. 18 years I’d been suffering, but I found the solution. Finally.

Even with the world as scary as it is right now, air travel mostly grounded all around the world. Fear mongering rife and worry about how far this virus may actually go. But when the world reopens, my community and I will be ready. We’ll be travelling again. And no matter how far the industry hikes the prices to recoup for losses, I’ll still be able to afford it regardless because I’m not bound or ‘held to ransom’ by the travel agents.

I’m part of an exclusive community that is ready for the fall out that will come from the travel industry after these tough times are over. This community, with it’s support, sense of belonging and friendship has helped me relieve my itch lol. And we continue to help thousands of others across the world prepare for the time we can roam freely again. Unprecedented in the world of travel, this is the beginning of a very exciting revolution in the world of travel.

We know right now isn’t a time you’ll be paying for travel – we’ve anticipated this and adapted how we can help. For 30 days, while you’re self isolating, on lock down or choosing to keep safe in whatever way you feel appropriate, you can check out our community. It will cost you nothing. There will be no obligation – AT ALL. It may not be for you. But if it is and you don’t check it out, won’t you keep wondering?