Travel Tales From A Sightseeing Salfordian

Feel good books – the better you feel, the more you allow!

I never thought this could happen.

Me. A mum of 4 from Salford, Manchester, able to travel the world for NEXT TO NOTHING!


I’ll tell you …. and you’re going to like it!

DURING A GLOBAL PANDEMIC – 7,000 people liked it and started to do the things I do….

FURLOUGH & JOB LOSSES – Hubby is facing possible redundancy – and we’re still able to stay in 5 star resorts ….

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS (UK) – 75%+ discounts remain, no excessive prices whilst the kids are off….

So far in 2020 I have taken 3 ‘Getaway’ dream trips. All together I have saved over £4k (with 4 kids might I add!) and received discounts of at least 75% compared to traditional, online prices.

Have a read, check it out and understand exactly how this can help you save for future travel in a crazy world – take a ‘staycay’, go to ANYWHERE in the world for NET NET prices and no matter what, make precious memories with your family.

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